My Country (First Cut)

by Cheshi

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Mountains blown and tongues cut out
sexist pigs and racist clowns
walls are built for flags to wave
my whole country is a shame

causing wars for money gain
children sleeping without names
building more for rich to come
my country's not for everyone
my country's not for everyone

call them heros when they scam
love is not within gods plan
keep the poor within their graves
my whole country is a shame

its okay for men to steal
women and the way they feel
complain until we rest our heads
my whole country's fucking dead
my whole country feels so dead

lies stack up and they tip their hats
consume until your houses collapse
kill you slowly with their feed
my whole country builds on greed
my whole country's made to bleed

eyes are covered and we let the wicked run
give lollipops to everyone
frack the wells and fuck the sun
my whole country's not for anyone
my country's not for anyone


released September 13, 2015



all rights reserved


Cheshi Frederick, Maryland



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